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NYPD Cop Shoots Boyfriend, Baby Before Killing Self

A 13-year veteran member of the New York Police Department, Rosette Samuel, 43, was found dead in her Brooklyn apartment in an apparent suicide, next to the bloody remains of her 1-year old son, Dylan, in bed. Across the hallway, the body of her boyfriend, Dason Peters, 33, was also found face flat on the floor in a pool of his own blood.

The NYPD responded to reports of gunfire in the area and a 911 call made by Samuel’s teenage son from a previous marriage, Dondre Samuel.

According to reports, the two have been fighting over the weekend before that fateful Monday morning. Peters was at Samuel’s apartment to pick their year old son, before she leaves for work at the 108th Precinct in Queens. According to Dondre’s statement, the two were arguing and Samuel was walking around the apartment with her gun in hand. The next thing he knew, he heard gun fires and he ran to hide in his bedroom in the 2nd floor apartment and jumped through the window towards the first floor. Neighbors who first saw what transpired said the 19-year old Samuel was scraped and bloody on his knees and elbows from his jump and that he was very scared and was pointing at the apartment. They saw the already lifeless body of Dason Peters who works as a MTA supervisor.

Further reports said Samuel first shot Peters in the torso then proceeded to her bedroom where she shot her baby in the chest. She then proceeded to shooting herself, also in the chest, afterwards.

Samuel used her service firearm, a semiautomatic Glock handgun, to execute the murder and suicide. It was found lying on the bed beside her and her baby’s lifeless bodies.

Investigators found a ripped suicide note in the bathroom that tells the likely cause of their fight was the suspicion of another woman. In the note, she also mentioned the reason she murdered their child was so he [Dylan] does not become a burden to his father. Samuel also indicated in her suicide note to ‘take care of her other son’, pertaining to Dondre.

According to Dason’s mother, Rosemund Peters, her son was set to travel to their native homeland of Guyana on that same afternoon of the crime. He was going to stay with some relatives and was going to look for a parcel of land to buy where she can stay when she retires from her work as a nurse practitioner at SUNY. She further said before Dason left to pick up baby Dylan at Samuel’s, his bags for Guyana has already been packed. That was the last time she saw her son. The older Peters said she never really knew much about Samuel, and she expressed anguish and anger over the crime, calling Samuel “evil”.

It is unclear whether the trip to Guyana has any relation whatsoever to the fight that triggered Samuel’s anger and ended up in the tragedy.

Friends, relatives and co-workers are also in dire disbelief as to how the policewoman could have done the crime, considering she does not have any records of violence or negative reports at work and people in the community said she was a nice woman.

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